Air conditioning maintenance


When you invest in an air conditioning system, you want a system that you can rely on to work all year round, particularly in weather extremes.


Here at Denmanair, we have created a range of air conditioning maintenance contracts that will keep your system working effectively, reducing the risk of breakdowns and maximising the lifespan of your system.

All air conditioning units will need to be serviced and maintained to ensure all parts are working efficiently. Regular servicing and cleaning will also prolong the life of your unit.

Our team of engineers is fully trained to repair, fix and replace any parts on site. We also work closely with all the leading manufacturers and have a vast knowledge of their equipment. Our attention to detail means that we can spot the early signs of wear and tear, and repair or replace the parts as necessary.

Extended Warranty

Regular air conditioning maintenance contracts with Denmanair will also extend your warranty. So, if the worst should happen and unexpected breakdowns occur, you are safe in the knowledge that you are covered.

For more information about our service and maintenance options, please call 0800 47 98 011 or email [email protected].

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Our engineers are trained to work with all the leading manufacturers’
equipment. Some of the big names we work with include:

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