Air conditioning system


Technological developments mean that today’s air conditioning systems are sleek, unobtrusive, energy efficient and eco-friendly. People today expect to work in a clean, comfortable environment.

A professionally installed air conditioning system should dehumidify and clean the air, as well as be climate-responsive both in terms of heating and cooling. This creates a professional atmosphere that keeps employees and clients comfortable, enabling everyone to work effectively.


The Process

Our design teams will work with you to create the perfect climate control solution for your space, using advanced technology to determine the ideal unit for your location.

Once a unit has been chosen, our highly trained engineers arrange an installation day. Working as quickly and efficiently as possible, our team will remove and recycle your existing unit (if there is one) and replace it with your new unit with minimum disruption.

All cabling, ventilation and plumbing will be addressed to ensure your air conditioning unit runs at optimum performance. All new installations are covered by warranty – for your peace of mind.

Following your installation, you can set up a maintenance contract to ensure your unit continues to run as efficiently as possible. Should you enter into a maintenance agreement, your warranty will be extended accordingly.

Our aim is to install your climate control system with as little fuss and disruption as possible. For more information about our products and services, please call 0800 47 98 011 or email [email protected].

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Our engineers are trained to work with all the leading manufacturers’
equipment. Some of the big names we work with include:

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